Deidre Fennie


My project, Snowbird, was created at my husband's favorite nudist colony. The fact that he was a nudist wasn't exactly a secret; he just didn't tell anyone.  It was a reprieve from the daily stresses of life, and was a favorite place of his to visit for over 30 years. I would often accompany him and began a series of photographs capturing the community who had all come to their natural states for a wide variety of reasons.


My husband passed away a [year ago] after a long struggle with Parkinson's disease.  In his absence, I went back and revisited our trailer, and the life we once had. Overcome by a range of emotion, I struggled to feel part of the community my husband so identified with. In continuing this series, I feel a new connection to a way of life that brought him so much happiness.


                                          Dedicated to Jack "Pete" Fennie            

                                                      With all my love